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Can Do Cubes for Phonics - Teaching Set - Complete
Brand: Can Do Education Limited
Product Code: CDC_TS
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For use in homes and schools

+ Student tray containing Stage One cubes (the simple alphabetic code)

+ Student tray containing Stage Two cubes (the complex alphabetic code) plus capital letters, double letters, split-vowel digraphs

   and basic punctuation. 

+ Instruction/activity book for Stage One

+ Instruction/activity book for Stage Two 

+ interactive DVD

+ at-a-glance word charts

+ Synthetic Phonics Overview Chart 

 FREE downloadable and photocopiable 133 page WORKBOOK  

Recommended by Dyslexia Action (The Dyslexia Institute)

Recognised by the UK Government as complying fully with the principles of its phonics ' Letters and Sounds' programme.

Stage One: The Simple Alphabetic Code

The Student Tray for Stage One contains 27 hardwood, laser-engraved cubes showing one spelling each for the 44 different sounds of speech that make up the English language. In all, there are are eight different cubes.  The tray contains six of cube number 1 and three each of cubes numbers 1 to 7. The order in which these should be introduced is indicated on the individual cubes and explained in the accompanying books charts and DVD.

The DVD features Debbie Hepplewhite discussing the theory and teaching of Synthetic Phonics and ’sounding out’ (interactive) the 44 phonemes which make up the simple alphabetic code. Two 'at-a-glance' word charts list words that might be formed as the letters on the eight different cubes are taught.

Stage Two: The Complex Alphabetic Code

The cubes in the Student Tray for Stage Two show the spelling variations for the 44 sounds (the /ai/ cube, for example, features ai, ay, a, ey, eigh and ea). The tray also contains uniquely linked cubes for split vowel digraphs (a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e including the use of ‘i’ in words such as ‘making’). Cubes displaying capital letters, for shape/sound recognition and matching with lower case, double letters and basic punctuation are also included.  All spelling variation cubes are arranged in the tray to show the one spelling learnt in Stage One.

A separate, Stage Two instruction book and Debbie's 'synthetic phonics overview chart' complete the set.

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